Italian kirjeenvaihtajan kuulumisia ??

The feeling is that nature is getting back its territory during this coronavirus. The signs are clearly coming from the behaviour of the animals in all Italy. We can also notice it in the sea Marina area, where we are living our lockdown. Sharks, verdesca are now swimming near the south Italian cost,  have been easily seen from the shores. Btw verdesca sharks are not dangerous, usually don’t attache man.


Swans are swimming in the Navigli channel, close to Milano center, where usually people have their loud evening movida.

Here in Trieste and Monfalcone it’s nowadays becoming normal to see dolphins from the shores. Small black swimming birds called fulica or follaghe are used to come close to our sailing boats. Near the shores deers are playing, running free on the grass fields without anybody disturbing them. An obvious consideration is that coronavirus lockdown has brought al least something good and healthy for nature and for us too.




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