Italian kirjeenvaihtajan kuulumisia

Italy is facing the pandemic situation with regional lockdowns. Each Italian region (20 regions) have its own color, white (everything open, almost normal life), yellow ( shops , restaurants open and possibile to travel in all the region ) , orange (  soft lockdown: shops , restaurants open and not possibile to travel in all the region but lockdown in your residence municipality) , red (  hard lockdown: shops , restaurants all closed and not possibile to travel in all the region but lockdown in your residence municipality).


In any case from 22pm to 5 pm you cannot go out from home (curfew) and in orange and red color region bar are open only for takeaway. The situation have just changed and today there are only 4 red (Val Aosta, Sardegna , Puglia , Campania ). The economic crises is not really felt but really badly are going some sectors like touristic , restaurants, some shops …. The big uncertain is for the summer season . The forecast is that some open will be for the tourism but might be in June or July. The government is helping giving some money to the companies that lost income 2020 compare to income 2019 , minimum 1.500 . Some help is coming from the regions too. So all together the money helping is around an average of 4/5.000 since nowadays.


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